Ace Schools International

Grooming Excellence


No doubt, primary education is very important to enhance good outing for secondary education after the Pre-school education.

Thus, Ace Schools International is committed to educate all children irrespective of their socio-economic background. We give each child a personalized attention.

We therefore run a blend of Nigerian, British and Montessori curricula, catering for Foundation Basic education.

Offering subjects like:

  • English Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Nigerian Languages
  • Basic Science & Technology (BST)
    • Basic Science
    • Basic Technology
    • Physical & Health Technology
    • Information Technology (IT)
  • Religious & National Value (RNV)
    • Christian Religious / Islamic Studies
    • Social Studies
    • Civic Education
    • Security Education
    • Cultural & Creative Art (C.C.A)
  • Foundation Basic Elective Subjects:
    • Agricultural Science
    • Home Economics
    • Arabic Language

Our core values are fear of God, integrity, care for school property, respect for self and others. Pupils are assured that much achievement could be accomplished through hard work, consequently, we keenly enter into academic school competitions hoping to make indelible mark of returning with best prices, awards and medals. As we make learning fun, we look forward to your child's enrolment.