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Welcome to Ace Schools International Sport Centre.

Man has struggled from the earliest times to the present day to live a good life inorder to achieve his objective. He tried to provide three (3) essential things namely;

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing

The early man had to move about in search of food. Sometimes he had to move with his family until a comfortable care was found. These movements requires strength, ability and speed. When he settled down with his family, he needed some forms of physical activity which gives enjoyment and satisfaction. These movements and activies formed the basis of what we now call physical education, sports and recreation.

The School Sports facilities are of Inter-House Sport standard. With a 200 metre tartan track with 8 lanes natural grass and syntactic/ Astroturf football pitch, basketball court, tennis courts, handball and volleyball court including modern indoor sports hall for combat sports, table tennis and badminton.

Our Mission

Ace Schools International Sports Centre tends to create a modern sports environment that is endowed with the required human material resources that could promote staff and student participation in sports an integral component of the School life and ensure the attainment of excellence in performance for the benefit of the School and Nigeria as a whole.